Worship at First Congregational Church


Everyone is welcome at our worship services. Services include hymns, Scripture readings, the Gospel text, offertory (offerings help buy supplies for Sunday School, and also go toward special monthly mission work), special music, a message, and communion. (Communion is served every first Sunday of the month.) Each service is available on recording from Dave Napp; see him if you would like to check out a tape. The previous Sunday’s worship service can be heard on KIOW radio – 107.3 FM at 7:30 a.m. each Sunday.




Diaconate Board / Trustee Board

Kip Murphy, Chair, Christa Cosgriff, Secretary, Carol Kleveland, Jeff Haugen, Tracy Thompson, Diane Thompson, John Arnold, Cristy Napp,Janet Nieman, Marvin Walker

The Diaconate Board’s responsibility is to see to and care for the spiritual health of the congregation. We work with the Trustee Board to meet the worship needs of the church, pastor, services, equipment to share the messages, etc.

The Trustee Board takes care of physical needs of the church–all maintenance, updates and building needs. They work with the Diaconate Board to make sure the financial needs are being met, along with the physical and spiritual needs of the church.

Board of Education

Lay Pastor Joyce Schmidt – High School Teacher

Jill Haugen – Elementary Teacher

Diane Thompson – Adult Teacher

The Board of Education plans the Sunday School year, from Sunday morning worship and study, to summer Bible School and Kid Camps, to outings for the Sunday School.

Women’s Fellowship

Women Fellowship President – Jessica Cunningham

Women Fellowship Secretary/ Treasurer – Jill Haugen

All ladies of the church, members or friends, are invited to participate in this group gathering. We hold business meetings, as well as Bible studies. We help with church meals, visiting the sick and shut-ins, help with the upkeep of the church, and do mission work. We made a commitment this year to send $250.00 to our military troops so they will have Bibles. From this our Trustees matched the funds and our church sent $500 to help buy Bibles for our military.. We help with food and cookies for Sunday school events.  We meet every second Saturday of the month.

Other Church Offices

Moderator: Jeff Haugen

Treasurer: Tracy Thompson

Financial Secretary: Jeff Haugen

Church Clerk: Jill Haugen

Memorial Chair: Diane Thompson

First Congregational Church is blessed to have Pastor Joyce Schmidt as our pastor. Pastor Schmidt believes in preaching and teaching the word of God, and encouraging the congregation and visitors to walk with the Lord. She shares her faith walk, works with members to help them during times of difficulties, encourages and instructs the youth of the church.

Pastor Schmidt and her husband, Dr. Timothy Schmidt, have three children: Elizabeth and her husband Dan and their son Noah and daughter Amara, their son, Nathanial and his wife Liz, and daughter Marie.

Pastor Schmidt shares her love of the Lord, enjoys working with the youth and encourages the youth to be part of the worship service. She enjoys visiting with congregational members, working with others outside of the church who may need guidance and encouragement through life’s trials.

Pastor Joyce welcomes the congregation and members every Sunday with a warm smile and a sincerity that come from her heart.